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23MP 1.1" FUJINON lenses, fixed focal manual iris & focus C-mount

The CF-ZA-1S series, soon set for launch, is a series of ultrahigh resolution lenses designed for use with...

23MP 1.1" FUJINON lenses, C-mount

VS Technology lenses, IR-corrected 12 megapixel/4K 1.1'' C-mount

Supports 12MP, 1.1", 3.45um and 4K resolution
IR-Corrected to minimize focus shift from visible to...

VS Technology lenses, IR corrected 12 megapixel/4K 1.1'' C-mount
XC series

Kowa lenses, 8 megapixel 4/3'' C-mount


- Large image size of Φ23mm incorporated within a C-mount design.
- Megapixel resolution is maintained throughout the...

Kowa lenses, 8 megapixel 4/3'' C-mount
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